Our Journey

Behind the Scenes at Fluid Floors

Founded in 1992, Fluid Floors LLC emerged from an unmet demand in the urethane deck coating sector. John, our founder, initially identified this niche while executing a remodeling project. The client’s request for a waterproof deck led John to extensive research, revealing a significant gap in the market. Through diligent exploration, John identified and employed a superior industrial-grade product, setting a new standard in decking solutions.

As John’s expertise in coatings evolved, so did the company’s focus. What began as a remodeling enterprise swiftly transitioned into a specialized coating firm. With over 26 years of dedicated experience, Fluid Floors LLC was formally established in 2004, with a clear mission: to provide unrivaled expertise in urethane coatings, waterproof decks, and epoxy floor coatings.

Our commitment to excellence is bolstered by three decades of experience in the construction sector, spanning both commercial and residential projects. This enduring tenure has equipped us with a profound understanding of safety protocols, precise scheduling, site hygiene, and exemplary professionalism. At Fluid Floors LLC, every project, regardless of its size, is approached with the same meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication.

Operating under the license #FLUIDFL963JK, Fluid Floors LLC stands as a bonded and insured company, reinforcing our pledge to deliver trusted, industry-leading solutions to our esteemed clientele.